There is a world rich of flavours, perfumes, suggestions at the gates of Rome which is waiting to be discovered in a direct and easy way through, the portal required by the Roman Chamber of Commerce and realized by its special agency Azienda Romana Mercati, in order to offer to tourists a useful landmark to enter the extremely rich offer of services and products presented by the Roman countryside.

Themed itineraries, educational farms, typical products, traditional recipes, wine and oil routes, agritouristic enterprises and Companies that make direct sales. There are all the ingredients to satisfy the most demanding palate in terms of excursions, trips, wine and food. So what are you waiting for? Have a nice journey!


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The pictures have been kindly given by Torrino dei Gelsi and Pantano Borghese.

A special thanks goes to Bruno Cignini, by gracious permission of his pictures on Roman parks.