The art walk

The art walk

20 Dec 2011

Between December 20th and December 30th, Tivoli’ Scuderie Estensi will host a salon of contemporaries artists at Aniene’s Valley “Art walk”, by Birgitt Shola Starp.

The event is organized by Tivoli, Arsoli and Anticoli Corrado’s municipalities’ sponsorships.
It embodies either the single and the millenary artists path, aborigines inhabitants of Aniene’s Valley.
Path that led international artists living and working near the Aniene river and Appennini’s mountains, between Rome and Tivoli, eternal city the first, city of emperors and episcopes the second.
An other important denotation of those paths is represented by the material used: Tivoli’s travertine, pozzolana, “river sand”,tophus and limestone.
Those artists are involved with the nature, the culture of Aniene’s Valley since many decades, and different provenances are joined together, such as Vicovaro, Cineto, Subiaco, Anticoli Corrado, Trevignano Romano, Roma, Sulmona, Pettorano del Gizio, Copenaghen, Wiesbaden, Salerno.
Like the artists in the past, (attracted by the landscape,by the light,by people posing as models..) the contemporary ones work on the same stuff towards a true “reality patchwork”.Elements like the traditional landscapes’ behaviour,the changing of communications and the rythm of nature can all be found in every artist’s work. Dott. Roberto Luciani

The inauguration will take place on December 20th at 17 pm, featuring folk music by “Allegri Montanari” .
Special guests: Bachelor Roberto Luciani , Arts and Culture Councillor for the City of Tivoli and Bachelor Paolo Martino, mayor of Arsoli city.

Finissage: December 30th at 17 pm in Nashira city, with an Oriental Dance performance

From 20th to 30th December 2011 (from 17 to 20 pm) next to Scuderie Estensi in Tivoli, Garibaldi Square
– holydays from 11 to 13.30 am and from 17 to 20 pm
Here is the event’s bill.