Locus amoenus

My favourite place

Locus amoenus, literally place with no walls, in the classic and modern literature, stands for a pleasant place, dipped into plants and trees, often situated nearby a spring or a stream, rich of shadow and in a certain way similar to the paradise: a perfect natural landscape, imaginary or real.

If according to Homer was the Calypso island, for Bocaccio was the place where the Decameron main characters take refuge to escape from plague and for Petrarca his Valchiusa, for us moderns, who live surrounded by asphalt and by the rhythms of the metropolis, it becomes the favourite place, full of charm, where we can go every now and then to rest from our daily efforts and rediscover ourselves.

The Roman countryside has got a huge heritage to offer, rich of parks and natural reserves, lakes, rivers and evocative hills on which rise small and big villages that have Centuries of history to tell.
The locus amoenus could be the Bracciano Lake, the Tiber at Torrita Tiberina, the Appia Antica with its monuments, Anticoli Corrado tiny streets or the Santissima Trinità Sanctuary.

Please discover the very nice places of the Roman countryside and download the picture on the Desktop section.

Ceri village Tiber at Torrita Tiberina The Palombara Sabina Castle
The Castel Gandolfo Lake The Tuscolo Anticolo Corrado
Torre Astura Galeria San Gregorio da Sassola
Monte Gelato Falls Monte Guadagnolo The Fortuna Primigenia Temple
The Aqueduct Park The Bracciano Lake Tolfa Mountains
The Santissima Trinità Sanctuary Villa Aldobrandini Appia Antica and Cecilia Metella Tomb