Fishing in Lake Albano

This lake offers plenty of good sized fish but as its waters are deep and full of algae, they aren’t easy to catch. Anglers can fish from a boat, with a belly boat and using the spinning technique, or from land. If you choose to fish from land, you must cast your line at a good distance and thus it is best to use heavy-weight artificial baits (Martin 12, Spinner Bait, leaded silicone baits).
Those who wish to can also practise fishing with floats (tenches, rudd, chubs, but also iridescent trout which are introduced to the lake when the season opens) as long as they have long precise rods (at least 7 metres), or Bolognese ones. In addition, deep carp fishing is possible with boilies.

How to get there: follow via Appia up to Albano; just before the town, turn left towards Castel Gandolfo and follow the road signs for the lake. To fish you must leave the area where the bathing establishments are.
Rules: a fishing license is necessary.
Fish: chub, black bass, tenches, pikes, carps, iridescent trout, rudd and eels.

Via Appia